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100% Polyester
【Best Sleep Tool】This cuddly security blanket is a comforter for babies and young toddlers. It becomes familiar over time and will have you and your baby’s scent on it after held and cuddled it. This comforting blanket and familiar scent makes them feel like they are in a safe place regardless of where they are. It makes great newborn baby gifts for weary mother to introduce early in sleep routines when baby wakes in the middle of the night just to be soothed back to sleep.
【Safe, Durable, Soft】 Made from non-toxic, non-fluorescence polyester. The elephant features are all embroidered so there are no little buttons or beads for free risk of choking and the blanket is small enough that the smothering risk is limited. This blanket can be sucked, pulled and won’t fall apart with that kind of wear and tear. Babies will enjoy cuddling up to this super soft, comfortable and extremely snuggly loveys.
【Cute Elephant Puppet with Raised Textures & Teether】This elephant baby stuff combined the softness of a blanket, the cuddliness of an elephant puppet, the benefit of a teether for teething babies and the sensory soothing qualities of textures, color and crinkly sound, which is not just comfort but provide fun parent-child interaction and supporting your little one’s sensory development.
【Optimal for Everyday Use】There is a 12.5 by 14.6 inch elephant plush blanket. It is a perfect size for cuddling and carrying. Unlike the limited edition, ours is replaceable if it needs to be washed or is lost. There is no need to worry about have not back-up. They are great baby shower gifts. Hope our toys brings your family more happiness. If there is any issue after use, just let us know and we will get back to you with a satisfactory solution.
【How to Use】Each time you comfort your baby, place this soft blanket on your shoulder so that as the baby cuddles in to you, the baby will gradually begin to associate the smell and feel of the blanket with the comfort that you provide. Soon you will discover that they will be soothed when you place the blanket into the bed beside them. It will provide security to baby when you are not with them and become a loved bedtime buddy, which is very useful during car trips, sleepovers, and outings.

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