9 Pack Suncatcher Gem Arts and Crafts for Kids Ages 8-12 Diamond Gem Art Kits 6 Year Old Girl Gifts Suncatcher Gem Art Kits for Girl Ages 7 9 11 Mermaid Birthday Gift Idea Supplies, 9 Styles


Plant and Animal Suncatcher Kits: you will receive 9 pieces of diamond gem art kits for kids in different painting patterns, including mermaid, unicorn, butterfly, rainbow, tree, dolphin, turtle, flamingo and pineapple, about 40 packs of faux diamonds in sorts of sizes and colors and 3 sets of diamond art tools
Small Drill Painting Creation: each diamond gem art measures about 15 x 15 cm/ 6 x 6 inches, which is a carefully designed size allowing the completion time of the painting in about 40 minutes, helping your little children to give full play to their creativity and hands on abilities
Complete Crafts Supplies: the kit of the arts and crafts for kids comprises 9 sheets with guide patterns, over 10 colors and 3 sizes of diamonds, 3 diamond drill pens, 3 trays, 3 clay and 1 pack of double sided adhesive tape, ideal for your colorful pieces of art
Dazzling Sun Catcher: the suncatcher gem art kits for kids can be pasted onto your note boards, offices, house walls, windows, furniture, vases, wall paintings, ornamental items, closets, wardrobes, classrooms and many other indoor or outdoor places, the sun will make the diamonds shiny
DIY Gadgets: the diamond gem art kits gifts are enough and thoughtful to meet your DIY needs and enrich your leisure time, or you could accompany your boys or girls to spend a happy family time on handcrafts, as a way of enhancing their hands on ability and patience

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